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Women’s Fellowship


RCCG Strong Tower Sanctuary Women Ministry
“Women of Excellence”


Overview: The Women Ministry (WM) of the RCCG Strong Tower Sanctuary was established in the year 2009, under the overall leadership of the pastor’s wife, Sister Ajoke Ajasa. The ministry is designed for women to work as a team.

Our Mission
To empower women, in our community to discover, develop, release and maximize their Potentials in God because “YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS” (Job 8:7)

Our Vision
With the leading of the Holy Spirit, the women ministry exists to build up the body of Christ among the women of RCCG, Strong Tower Sanctuary so we can know Christ and make Him known.

Our Goals
• Our goals are to encourage women in their walk with the Lord; develop Christian friendships and reach out to others. We encourage church activities participation and fellowship.
• In encouraging women in their walk with the Lord, we have spiritual programs, annual retreats where the women spend a few days off from their families and community just to be with the Lord. We also have scheduled book clubs, where we read soul-enriching books to draw women closer to God.
• In developing Christian friendships and reaching out to others, we have the Bosom of Love group, created for the purpose of reaching out to women in the church and staying connected to one another. We outreached to our community and became trained hospice volunteers. We also socially integrate with one another by having scheduled outings to enrich our friendships.
• We encourage, visit, and pray for one another. We also have our monthly prayer meetings to encourage our intimacy with God.

The Lord has continually added to our numbers and is doing mighty and great things in our midst. Our ministry is a place where every woman’s potentials are recognized and utilized for the service of God. I invite you to join us and you will never remain the same.
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