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Welcome Back Guidelines

We are currently in the second phase of the church reopening and below are the guidelines


  • 25 people/members will be allowed in the church
  • Children under age 12 and elderly aged 60 and above are advised staying home until the church enters phase 3.
  • Anyone entering the church will be required to wear a face mask prior to entering the church.
  • Everyone must use the automatic hand sanitizer located at the entrance of the church upon entering and exiting the building.
  • Seating/Chairs have been arranged to meet 6ft directives. Family members will be allowed to sit together. Members must remain in their chosen sit.
  • Online service will continue to cater to members that cannot physically be in church.
  • Bible Study will continue to meet via zoom until church enters phase 3.
  • Tithe and Offering recommended and encouraged. Paper format is still available and will be placed on an individual seat.
  • Holy communion will be placed on the table in from Individuals will be guided to pick their communion themselves. Ushers will guide accordingly to maintain 6ft directives.
  • Refreshments: Only bottled water will be served.
  • Socialization: Socialization will be limited after church service to reduce the spread and to prepare for the second service.
  • Help: Free Covid-19 Testing is available in the community. Information will be provided at individual request.

You can download a copy of this using this link: Download 

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